Few Tips When Buying A New Home

I thought I would write a few little tips if you are thinking about buying a new home… If you are thinking about buying a new home there are something that you want to keep in mind.

(1.) Make sure you are dealing with a reputable builder…..

You have to understand that it is buyers beware…. You have to make sure that the builder has been around for a while…. In Texas I’ve see so many new builders that are building homes….. Make sure that they are not a fly in the wall company.

(2.) Don’t be afraid to ask questions…..

When you deal with a sales person remember , their job is to sell you a home. You have to make sure that you feel comfortable when dealing with them. If for some reason they sound too push, or they are not giving you enough information. Don’t be afraid to find a different person to work with. Sometimes larger companies allow other communities sales people to find a home in a community that fits your needs…

(3.) Learn your warranties …..

Make sure you find out about all of your warranties…. Learn what the warranties will or will not cover…. Make sure you know what are consider items that are fixable and items that will only carry 1 or 2 year warranties. To many people fail to understand what the builders will cover. That’s why you have to know your warranties before you sign on the dotted line….

(4.) Learn about the neighborhood and subdivision……

Just because its a new subdivision does mean that you don’t need to do your homework….. Don’t be afraid to ask a few people who have moved in the community about the community… Find out from the police department about how many times they get called out to the community…

Make sure that its not a high volume of calls…… Try and found out what was there before the community was built. If the sales person cannot answer go to your records building and research the subdivision to see if it was just a farm land or vacate land…….

(5.) Understand the paperwork that’s involved….

Understand the paperwork that is involved when signing an agreement. If you do not understand it, then you need to hire a Realtor to look over it….. Remember, you want people who are in your corner looking out for you…..

(6.) Use a Realtor….

Don’t count out the fact that just because it is a new community that you don’t need a Realtor….. Realtors can be good tools for information if they are familiar with the neighborhood… Ask the Realtor to run comps and try and find new home sales so that you can get a good idea of what new homes sales look like in a neighborhood…. This will let you know exactly what your home maybe worth and allow you to make a solid decision… Also you can have them look over the paperwork…. Sometimes they can pick up errors that you might have missed……

(7.) Remember you can use your own mortgage company or bank if need be….

Many times Builders have incentives to get buyers to go thru their mortgage companies… Always remember that you don’t have to use them if u choose not to…… Remember to negotiate who pays title policies…. Sometimes builders, will use paying title polices to get you to go with there mortgage company….. There is nothing wrong with going with a builders mortgage company to get the better incentives…

Make sure that there mortgage company is providing you with good customer service…. If for some reason you find a mortgage company sending you the paperwork without explaining to you what is going on then you might want to look into finding someone else to deal with that will provide better services…… Remember, they are getting paid , so why not get the best service……. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal if you don’t feel comfortable doing it….


I do hope that this helps you in your search to find a home… If you are in the Dallas/FT WORTH area and you need a home I would be happy to assist you…….. HAPPY HOUSE SHOPPING!

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