Needing To Sell In A Slow Market?

Lets face it, with all of the things going on with the market right now you have to say that it can be difficult to get your home sold. Are you needing to sell in this slow market? Does it seem like you are having a hard time dealing with finding qualified buyers? I was chatting with one of my lenders the other day and it seems like the sub-prime industry is correcting itself.

Lenders are raising the bar when it comes to dealing with buyers… Making the buyers come up with more of a down payment. So how can a seller deal with the standards? You have to think outside the box… Remember you are trying to get as many buyers in your property as possible… The most important thing to remember is to have enough people viewing your property. The more people you have viewing the property the more likely you are to get the property sold.

True, there are many homeowners doing the FSBO to save on the commission. But, what they don’t realize if Realtors can’t see the home list on MLS. How will they know that your home is on the market? Also they might be selling far lower than what they really could have gotten for the property if they listed with a Realtor.

So what are some tips in trying to get the home sold in a slow market?

Tips #1: Make sure your home is priced to sell.

Remember, if your home is over price there is a possibility that your home will set on the market a lot longer than a home that was price correctly.

Tips # 2: Are you willing to give terms to the buyer.

Are you willing to offer good terms to a buyer…. Terms can help when you are dealing with a slow market. If you tell a buyer, “if I get XY for my home I will give you repair allowances, home warranty policy, or even new appliances…”

Tip # 3: Are you willing to be creative on the financing.

How creative can you be when getting your home sold? Are you willing to take a small down payment and finance the amount for a period of time? Are you willing to Lease Option your home for a period of time. Are you willing to help your buyer with there closing cost? These are just a few creative ways to get your home sold.

Tip #4: Have you thought about staging your home.

Sometimes you can bring in someone to stage your home. There are companies who come in and rearrange different rooms. They will also give you suggestions on what you need to do in order to make the rooms more pleasant and ready for a buyer.

Tip # 5: Do a little remodeling.

You never know what a new paint job will do to a room… Or just fixing a few things in the bathroom and kitchen… Remodeling can pay off if it is done correctly. Just make sure you stay within your budget and don’t over do it…

There you have it … Just a few things you need to know when selling your home in a slow market….


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