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I Already Know! Your vendors list is full! But, let me give you 5 good reasons why you should add me as a vendor!


I understand, I heard it a million times in my career! Your vendors list is full. But can you blame me for giving it one last try to get on your vendors list?

I mean, if you were in my shoes wouldn’t you at least give it your best shot at trying to convince someone to allow you thru the V.I.P line?

Face it, you know you been to those favorite spots where you saw those V.I.P. going in and then you had to wait your time before you could get in. Tell me, how did it make you feel when you were told no you can’t get in.

But, when you are successful at being in your favorite place I know you enjoyed every minute of it. So sit back and chill and let me share with you a simple story of why this is important to me! You see years ago when I told people that I would one day be a successful agent they laughed.

They thought I had lost my mind in giving this a try. It all started when I got my first Charlton Sheets training course, I was hooked on real estate and from there I decided that I would get my Real Estate License and then try my luck at it. Well let just say I know my sales sucked! I had a very hard time trying to figure out how it all worked….

Until 5 years ago I went to my first REO training and I had little money and little success. As I listen to the training course the trainer told us what we should be doing. And I said to myself “what the heck”, I got nothing to lose… So i sent out my first letter kind of like the one you are reading and I got one call from a Asset Company….

They told me to do a BPO for them… At the time I had no real idea that it would lead to a REO listing. So I agreed to it… From there I listed REO properties. This is the reason why I’m reaching out to you right now! I know your list might be full or you already have great agents! I think it’s wonderful! Heck you might be tired of agents calling you and emailing you, begging you too let them in V.I.P style….

My point is this: I’m not asking you to give me the world! I just ask for a small, small crumb of your business. Whether it’s big or small!

Give me just a few more mins of your time to let me show you how I can work for you. I think you can agree with me when i say REO properties can sometimes be a long drawn out process! I can jut imagine how your computer looks right now.. All the PDFs, the passwords, emails etc.

Let’s not forget the long hard hours that you put in each and every day to process paperwork. You need someone on your team who will make you look good, feel good and make your boss and clients smile. Why? Because you got a team member right here who will do it in style!

How would you like to get the most money for your asset?

Face it, it can be difficult sometimes trying to find an agent who will understand what your needs and wants are. Because we all know that today you got to have someone you like, know and trust. When it comes to your precious assets and investments.

Let me warn you: there have been reports of asset companies and banks being ripped off by agents, vendors and even employees and seen thousands and thousands of dollars go right down the toilet!! Because they are working with people who are being honest and trustworthy to a manage their properties.  These bad People have caused the banks to lose more and more money cleaning up their mess.

This is why you need someone who understand that the market is always changing. Here are 5 Reason you should allow me on yours vendors list:

  • Reason one: you will get the best possible offer on your properties period!
  • Reason two: you will get The Wright Team who will earn your confidence!
  • Reason three: You will get aggressive marketing !!!
  • Reason four: Extensive Pre-Approval of all buyers!!
  • Reason five: fast turn around time for BPO within 48hrs.

Don’t take my word for it look at what a past client had to say:

“Everything was professional and easy to deal with. I am glad Calvin was able to deal with my work schedule and follow up promptly” Bluifer

So you can agree that using these services for your REO properties can be very beneficial to you and your company.

If you read this far it means that you are strongly considering allowing me this chance to get on your vendors list. Again, I’m ready to earn your business, but in order to do that I need this one small favor.. Just give me a few assignments to work so that you can get the full benefits of using these services. You will ne be disappointed in making the decision of allowing me to get some of your properties sold!

There are a few benefits on why using the services are important to you:

  • Good quality services from the time the transaction is in  48 hours occupancy check up until the time of closing.
  • Weekly updates on your properties; preservation through closing.
  • Aggressive exposure to getting your property so within the average days on the market.

This gives you the most bang for your buck when you can successful list the property for sale and close on time. So take the next step and fill your information in the form below. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for your time and let’s get started on getting your property SOLD!


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