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Give Me A Few Mins and I’m Going To Show You Why You Need To Get Rid Of This House Today! Plus Be Able To Sleep Better At Night!

I realize that getting behind on your payments can suck! How do I know? Because even though it might not seem like I don’t understand, I understand your situation very well. I’ve been there before. I know what it feels like to fall behind on making the mortgage payment. You feel bad, you feel like crap! And you feel like you are the only one. But, right now I want you to cheer up! Because you are not alone.

There are thousands of people every day falling behind on their monthly payments. Not only mortgage payments, but utility bills, medical bills etc. And face the music, it totally, totally sucks! And I know you feel like you want to just scream! But, what if I can show you a way to stop the pain! And stop the hurt! You see my parents always taught me to thy on self be true. And right now, you know deep down inside your hurting! And you want to hire me to help you with this short sale situation.  This was the very reason that this site pulled up in your search. It’s the very reason you press play on this site video, because you know deep down inside you are searching for an answer.

There are 4 good reason why you need to consider listing your home on a short sale with me today!

1. Your stress level will go down! Why? Because if you list your home on a short sale with me today the pain will end. You can now pick up the pieces and get back to living your life.

2. You need someone who understands how it works! Yes you can do it alone, or you can build a support system of people who has the knowledge and experience of making sure it gets done right and correct.

3. You need good professional support! No one wants to be alone in a time like this. That’s why you need help selling your home on a short sale. Because, we are able to answer any questions you may have.

4. There might be a possibility you might receive help in relocation assistance. Remember, every situation is different, just like banks are different. But, still there is a possibility of having some cash at closing.

You’ve heard and read 4 sound reasons why a listing your home on a short sale would be in your best interest. Let’s talk about why you might feel some hesitation about moving forward with listing your home with me. You want to stay in your home!  If that’s the case. This is what I want you to do. I want you to take your mouse look to the save favorites icon, or if you using Google Chrome, I want you to click the star to your right upper hand area and i want you to save this page for a later date.

I want you to understand that it’s a case-by-case basis in reference to whether you can qualify to keep your home. If that’s what you want to do then contact your bank and ask for a modification and if they say yes you qualify, then let me be the first to congratulate you on staying in your home.

But there is one favor I got to ask you, please remember this site and pass it along to someone else that you know don’t qualify for a modification plan. And if they say you don’t qualify then I want you to look in your favorites click on my site and we will move forward, fair enough?  Whatever, you do let the procrastination go. This is the number one reason many people never do anything.

You can wait for a default notice and it might be too late to do anything. Remember, what they always say: the early bird gets the worm, so act now and not later. Waiting on the possibility of being able to catch up could harm your chances at getting something done right now. Unless you have a large sum of money coming in or have won the lottery sometimes waiting too long can hurt your chances of the windfall.

So don’t wait too late act now and let’s make something happen today. So let’s recap its either 1,2,3 or me…. The next step is up to you to fill out the form and let’s started today. Remember, owe it to yourself to make the decision to work with a team that has your interest at heart.  So fill out the form below and someone from my team and staff will assist you.

Don’t wait until its to late… Time is of essence and you need to act right now if  your going to hire me to list your short sale. So fill out the form and I will be in touch with you.


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