Negotiate Your Way Into Buying the New House

Do you know how important it is to negotiate your way into buying a new house? You might have not yet thought about the art of negotiation. But, it is important for you to realize that negotiation is the key to get the best price. In fact, if you are good at negotiation, the ball would be in your court.

Buying a house might be the most important financial decision of your life. You have made up your mind and now it’s time to negotiate. Not everyone is great at negotiation and you can’t be good at it by reading a few online articles. In fact, it’s an ongoing process! You have to negotiate as a buyer in a way that it’s a win-win. The deal should be favorable for the seller as well.

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Tips On How You Negotiate Your Way Into Buying The New House

Consider the following tips when you are thinking about buying a house:

1. Do Your Research

If you are great at doing your homework, you would be good to go! Yes, it is important that you do thorough research before striking a deal with the seller. You have to quote a price that doesn’t offend the seller. To quote such a price, it is important that you know the market well.



  • Try to find as much information as possible about the history of the house.


  • Find out the seller’s reputation.


  • Find out the rating of the schools in the area, hospitals, and shops in the area.

In short, if you have researched well, it would be easy for you to find a suitable price for your house. For negotiation to be in your favor, it is important that you have as much information as possible.

2. Let The Seller Feel Important

Selling a house is no joke! When someone is selling a house, they are selling a part of their life. A house is the most vital place for a person. It’s like a connection to your soul. When someone has lived long enough in a certain house, they are likely to have their emotional values attached to it.

  • Let the seller talk first. They might be emotional about the house and listening to their thoughts would make them feel important.


  • It is important that you listen carefully to what they have to say and ask relevant questions.


  • Appreciate the house and assure the seller that you would take care of the house well. If the seller trusts you, they are naturally inclined to make the decision in your favor. Find the important and beautiful small details of the house.


  • When the seller feels important, you might become their favorite buyer and they are likely to remember you. However, don’t be fake, but rather show your genuine interest in listening to the stories related to the house. After all, when you buy the house,it is going to be an integral part of your life. Your kids would grow up here and you might spend the rest of your life in this house.

If you and the seller of the house are willing to decide a common price, it would be a win-win situation. The whole point of negotiation is to arrive at a point where the deal is favorable for both the parties and especially for you! You don’t want to get the house for a higher price and your goal is to get the best possible deal.

3. Show Your Interest In Buying The House

Some people are just window shopping! They would just look at the house and might not be interested in the final deal. It would be like wasting the time of the seller. It is important for you to keep in mind that the seller has some important things to do and if you are not interested in buying the house, don’t waste anyone’s time.

  • Show your genuine interest if you are interested in buying the house.


  • Make sure the seller knows that you want the house.


  • To hint that you are interested in the house, you have to focus on the small details. Ask the right questions!


  • Offer a price that is acceptable.


  • When you show that you are excited to get a house, it might let the seller feel that you are actually serious. Plus, if you have a genuine interest in getting the house, it would show as well.


If you offer a price to the seller that is way below the asking price, the seller might feel that you are simply not interested. It is important that you quote a realistic price. If you want to get the house at a good price, it would be wise to focus on the relevant details. If you somehow impress the seller and show them that you really want this house, everything would be smooth after that! Make sure you are good at negotiation. Just try speaking from your heart and with a genuine interest in getting the house at a suitable price.

4. Focus On The Positive Aspects


  • No matter how desperate you are in getting the house, it would be important that you are focusing on the positive aspects. Talk positively about the house. If you see some negative points, don’t be blunt about it. Don’t try to make the seller feel low about the poor maintenance of the house, or if the house is not clean.


  • The seller might be emotionally attached to the house. It won’t be ideal to speak ill about anything related to the house.


  • Even if the seller is not living in the house. It would be their property. You can hurt the sentiments of a person. It takes a lot of effort to build a house and it is not wise to focus on the wrong points.


  • Even if the house appears untidy or if the floors are broken, you can be polite about it. Learn how to talk effectively and the art of using the right words. Sometimes the way you use words, leave a lasting impact on the other person.

It is always wise to realize that every person has values and you should not hurt their feelings. Like you, everyone has a heart and they are trying their best to make ends meet. For some people, they really don’t want to sell the house. Maybe it’s a dream house for them. You never know what are the circumstances that are causing them to leave the house and sell it for good! They might have financial trouble or they could be permanently moving to a new place. In any case, it is important that you respect the values of the other person.

5. Know When To Make A Final Decision

As a buyer, you would love to get a price that might be way below your budget. Hence the final deal would be profitable for you. However, the seller would try to get the best price of the house. In any case, it would be hard to select a final price.

  • Make sure you know your limits. It’s best to find common grounds.


  • There would be a price that is likely to be suitable for both parties.


  • Make sure you are not spending too much time and end up arguing with the seller.


  • Don’t offend the seller during the whole process.


  • As a buyer, it is important for you to know what is the fine line between closing the deal and offending the seller. Make sure you know when to stop the process of negotiation. If you feel the seller is feeling stressed or might back out, it would be best to avoid the argument.

It is important for you to know what price would be suitable for the Seller. If you have done thorough research then you would know what price to offer and would be most suitable for the house. Thus, keep a certain price for the house in your mind and try to reach it as close as possible.

6. Dealing With A Stubborn Seller

It is possible that the seller might be too stubborn at a certain price. In such a case, it would be best that you do the math and figure out if getting the new house is worth the argument and negotiation.


  • Be respectful in dealing with the seller no matter how stubborn they are.


  • Let the seller do the dealing, but make sure you also get the message across that the price they quoted is higher.


  • Talk about your budget and what’s your ideal price.


  • If the seller is quoting the price way above the market value, it would be best if you let the seller know that you have an idea about the real value.


  • Don’t lose your cool no matter what!


  • Make sure you are quoting a price that is suitable for the seller.


  • Ask the seller what they really want.


  • Hire a professional!


If you are interested in getting a certain house and the seller is stubborn. It would be best if you let a real estate agent deal with the matter. It would be best to let a professional deal with the whole process rather than you trying to close the deal. However, you can learn a lot along the process. For some houses, it might be too tough to close the deal while for others it might be easy.


7. Keep An Open Mind And Open Options

No matter how great you are at the art of negotiation, it is still possible that you might not be able to win the argument. Thus, you should keep your options open. There might be more houses on your mind. If not, it’s better that you keep a list handy in case you don’t end up winning the argument.


  • Search similar houses in the neighborhood that someone is willing to sell.


  • Learn from your mistakes. It would be best to note somewhere what points you missed.


  • If you have a list of different houses, it would be easy for you to move on even if you don’t get the current house.


  • It is also possible that you might not get your dream house for the first time. You should keep an open mind.

Not closing the deal or winning the negotiation is okay! It’s not the end of the world. You should be happy about speaking and learning. At least, you learned something from the whole process. If you find it tough to negotiate, it would be a good idea to ask for tips from the experts and professionals. You can learn the art of negotiation with time. It can be helpful at not only buying the house but in many other areas of your life! Who knows you might be selling the house one day as a seller for gaining high profits!

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Wrapping it up

Buying a house can be your dream. It might be the most important financial decision of your life. It is important that you learn the art of negotiation. It can help you in many walks of life and not just for winning the argument when buying the house.

However, it is important for you to keep in mind that negotiation is not learned by reading a few things online. It’s an ongoing process that you would gradually learn. However, following the tips above can help you to some extent. You should do thorough research about the house and its neighborhood.

Learn about the seller and try to find common grounds. If the seller gets an idea that you are interested in getting the house and are serious about it, the ball would be in your court. Don’t hurt the sentiments of the seller as they might be selling the dream house. Talk from the heart and be genuine in your dealings!


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