Preparing to Sell Your Home

If you intend to put your home up for sale, you are compelled to explore all possible means to increase its value. After all, you want to make as much profit as possible. Among the best ways to boost its value is proper preparation. This helps you identify what you need to do and what adjustments you should make in a bid to increase the cost.

When preparing to sell your home, the following steps come in handy to ensure the value goes up significantly:

Preparing to Sell Your Home

Depersonalize Your Home

This entails disposing of any excess stuff that you might have in your home. Consequently, you get to make the available space appear as large as possible. Most people are looking for spacious rooms, and decluttering offers such. Get rid of anything that is not necessary.

Remove books, DVDs, decorations, or any items that are not necessary. Your rooms might be small, but getting rid of unnecessary things is an ideal way to make them appear bigger.

Clean the Windows

Clean windows are among the most crucial selling aspects of your home. A buyer needs to visualize the view of natural light flowing into the house. Moreover, dirty windows are a turn off capable of making a buyer lose interest.

Ensure the glasses, the tracks, and the window coverings are sparkling clean. If the covers are old, replace them accordingly.

Pay attentions to Walls,Baseboards and Vents.

It is imperative to pay attention to your walls, vents, and baseboards as well. Ensure that these are not only clean but in the best condition possible. Remove any scuffs on the walls and fix any flaws the best you can. As you clean the walls, don’t forget the light switch plates too.

The vents are another aspect that potential buyers are going to explore. Ensure they are clean and, if not vacuum them accordingly.

The kitchen is another space you should ensure is spotless clean. Buyers will only need to see your kitchen to conclude on the cleanliness of other rooms. Clean all your exterior surfaces such as counter-tops, the cupboard fronts, the door handles, and sinks, among others. Finally, ensure the oven’s exhaust filters are cleaned or replaced entirely.

Remove Excess furniture

The idea is to create as much room as possible, and nothing takes up space like furniture. As such, consider getting rid of any unnecessary or excess furniture. They could be eating up space, and you don’t really need them. You can pack up the excess items in a storeroom or get rid of them completely.


You might not be aware, but every home has a unique scent, and yours is no exception. Consequently, you have to ensure that your home’s scent is as inviting as possible. The moment a buyer walks into your house, they should be comfortable with its fragrance.

Open all ventilation to allow in natural scent then introduce your preferred neutral and gentle scented deodorant. You can use a neutralizer with essential oils, a reed diffuser, or a lamp berget. Make the rooms smell nice.

Ensure your Closets are Clean

Before introducing you home to the market, ensure the closets are clean. Any prospective buyer is bound to explore the closet space available. If the closets are dirty or disorganized, it could be a turnoff. Remember, if the closets are clean and organized, they are not only going to be appealing but will also appear bigger. Make it look bigger by getting rid of anything that might seem out of place

Clean the Bathrooms

Ensure you deep clean your bathroom until they are sparkling clean. A potential buyer will leave if your bathrooms are messy. The idea is to make the buyer feel at home, and nothing does this than a clean bathroom. Give then the priceless impression that they can comfortably take a bath or use the bathroom without any worry.

Scrub the bathrooms and ensure that the tubs and tiles are clean and scum free. Clean off any mold or mildew and also replace old shower curtains or bathmats. Moreover, ensure the mirrors and the sinks are also clean. It is also important to check if the drains are working as expected. You do not want them to clog when a buyer checks them out.

Clean the Floors and the Carpets

The floors are a significant part of the house and tells a lot about how well you maintain your home. You do not want the buyer to get a negative first impression. Ensure they are spotless,  and clean.

If you have carpets, they can be a turn off if they are smelly and stained with dirt. Having a pet or a kid increases the chances of having a stained or a smelly carpet. Consequently, before inviting a prospective buyer, consider cleaning the floors and the carpets accordingly. You can seek professional help if you cannot do it on your own. Remember, you have to squeeze the buyer’s bargaining power while increasing your home’s value.


Here are a few things that can help you clean around the house.

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  • 【Extensible Bendable】- 95-inch long stainless steel telescopic rod, the wire built into the cleaning head is strong and flexible. It can be bent into various angles you want, cleaning all kinds of dead ends and difficult positions, it is a good helper for housework.
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  • Duster flexes to clean under items and in between tight spaces
  • Ideal for kitchen appliances, washer, dryer, Venetian blinds, deep cabinets and more
  • Two types of microfiber: thin cloth side provides maximum contact cleaning
  • Long fluffy strands conform and clean uneven surfaces
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No matter the reason you are putting up your home for sale, you deserve to get the best value for it. This is, however, possible if you put the above into practice. Clean as much as possible, increase the spacing the best you can, and make the house aesthetically appealing. You might have a urgent need to sell your home, and if done correctly you will get a good price for you home.

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