Pros and Cons of Hiring a Realtor: What You Need to Know for Your Real Estate Transactions

In Real Estate we all wonder what are the pros and cons of a realtor?

We see a lot of things changing in the real estate industry and the question is does hiring a Realtor still make sense?

Yes, we know that there is a lot of information on the web and we know that there are other sites out there that will tell you to sell without a realtor, etc..

But keep in mind that when you are dealing with your house, remember that it makes a big difference when it comes to price point and equity.

So in the next few paragraphs, we will look at the pros and the cons of actually being a realtor.

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First, con learning to get past the talk about saying you don’t need an agent.

In some instances, this can be true where an agent is not necessarily needed.

But there are some cases in a transaction where having a Realtor can be worth it.

Every property is created differently. What I mean by this is there might be a time when you might run into a larger issue that requires more than just your typical buying and selling a property.

So if you choose not to use an agent and you run into a cloudy title or you run into other issues, then be prepared to have to spend time fixing it.

If you don’t know what a cloudy title means then you should contact me as soon as possible and have me on your team.

Remember the title company will do an abstract of title and the title company will only handle so much.

There will be times when more leg work is needed and if you think plate form sites that just make offers are going to be all you need and help you with big issues that show up with your properties then think again.

I remember one transaction where I had to physically go down to the water dept to get a lien release.

Another transaction I had to get a second lien amount settled and removed off the property to sell it with the city.

Secondly, a person might say that because they had a bad experience with a Realtor they will just sell the property by themselves.

One thing you have to understand that in this business you are going to run across a lot of different people.

Remember that all Agents are not bad people. There are a lot of good agents who are willing to help you, but you have to make sure you are working with one that has your best interest at heart.

There is a saying that we can not put everyone in the same category. We have good doctors and then you have bad doctors.

You have good cops and then you have bad ones. You have good teachers and then bad teachers. You have excellent training courses and then you have bad ones.

So try your best to move past the bad ones and pick an agent who is going to be your ride or die, agent. They are going to be there until the end.

Third con myth that Realtors don’t do any work for the money that they earn..

How many times have we heard this one that Realtors don’t do much work for their commission?

In fact, on some transactions, some Realtors are paid less then what you think.

When you add up having to do a transaction for 3 to 4 months and then you start to add up the time on phone, emails, late-night calls, talking to different parties about the transaction, the gas time going to show properties and review paperwork sometimes the agent might not make what you think they are making.

Not to mention having to pay taxes as well.

Then some people rather pay less for an agent.  Have you ever took the time to think about what it feels like when you walk into your job and they say to you today we are going to cut your pay to half of what your use to making.

If you get told that, tell me the honest truth on how you would feel to know your pay just got cut in half now. Yes, the commission is negotiable.

Sometimes we fail to realize that we are all human beings. If you walked into work tomorrow and your company says to you at this time we not going to pay you for your services instead we want you to work for us for free what would be your reaction? So understand that Real Estate Agents deserve to get paid.

Now we have talked about some of the cons. Let’s look at some of the pros for having a good agent on your team.

When you have a good agent on your team it will lighten your load and allow you to do other things you need to get done.

Remember, selling a home can be a fast transaction or it might take some time to get it done. Every transaction is different.

One great thing is when you have an agent that understands the transaction it can make things a lot smoother.

Think about this. You only have so much time in a day.

Do you want to spend your time thinking about buyers and sellers when you have that FSBO sign out in your yard? Time is money.

And at the same time, you are trying to take phone calls and answer emails that could be the same time you spend at your kid’s games.

Or it could be time you could spend doing something else that you need to get done.

This is why hiring me right now works because you now can free up your time to go and do something else that is also important.

Another thing to keep in mind. When you have a good Agent on your team, they bring their experience with them.

A good agent has experience. When you’re dealing with an experienced agent they can help you overcome any obstacles that could happen in a transaction.

Keep in mind it’s great to have a smooth transaction, but there are times when the transaction might not be so smooth.

Experience plays an important role when you run into title issues or things that could cloud your title.

A good agent is going to know how to go about getting this fixed. That why it’s important to bring a good agent on to your team.

When you hire the right agent, it will be like having information at your fingertips. This makes a big difference when you are trying to purchase a home or when you list your home for sale.

Third Pro is a good agent knows how to negotiate a better deal.

 When you have a good agent. If the agent has good negotiation skills the agent can almost negotiate a better price for you when you purchase a home or can negotiate a better price when you are selling your home.

If the agent is really good, you might end up getting a home for a good price. It all depends on how well they negotiate the deal.

Having someone with good negotiation skills makes a difference. Everyone isn’t good at negotiating.

When you are buying a home there is a option period or inspection period. You want to make sure that you negotiate repairs that you want etc within the time frame of your inspection period.

Also, when you are selling your house, you are looking for the agent to negotiate the best possible price and you want to make sure they are screening your buyers.

Because the quicker you figure out how serious a buyer is the better it will be when it is time to sell your home.


The pros of hiring a realtor outweigh the bad of not having one your team.

Yes, you can do everything yourself but sometimes we live in a busy world were making sure you free your time makes all the difference in the world.

If you feel you don’t have the time to sell your home then you need to bring in the Realtor and allow the Agent a chance to show you how they work…..

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